Saturday, March 23, 2013

What would Bro.Bob do?

I guess you could call me an antique around here!

I've been a part of our little Church in the middle of this little community for almost 30 years now.

I have been taught and trained over the years by some of the finest leaders (in my opinion!) in our organization.

What Godly principles they have all worked diligently to instill in this growing congregation!

I was taught to have high respect for the elders.
To pray consistently. To look for opportunities to serve and work. To be faithful to the House of God, among many other qualities.

One sticking out to me on this particular day of my life is the teaching of the Respect to the House of God.

Now, that is where dear old Bro Bob comes in.

Bro Bob received his wonderful salvation experience and became the happiest man around the church. I remember the way he would get blessed in the services and the little hop-step-jump thingy he'd do!

He never missed an opportunity to testify!
More often than not, his testimony would include the sharing of some of the God-given dreams he had received.

Bro Bob volunteered to clean the church.
AND clean he did!

He arrived faithfully every Monday morning to freshen the building for the week. Often spending hours alone there. He had no problem telling you he took care of the Church.
"Glad I can do it", he'd say.

The supply room was marked all over with his handwriting and a Sharpie marker pointing people to shelves for cleaning supplies, light bulbs, paper products, etc...
I remember one time he purchased a vacuum for the Church with his own money, and wrote the name of the church (in Sharpie of course!) on the front of it.

He took great pride in his ability. Often siting what a blessing it was to get to do it. And respectfully so.
He did an awesome job!

Our dear Bro went on to be with Lord several years ago. The supply room Sharpie markings are fading.

These days. It's no ones job. Not really.

We have a couple who volunteers.
And they do a really great job while holding down full time jobs! I purposely thanked them a few weeks ago for their hard work in trying to keep up!
But the Church is a bigger building now...lots of activities are always going on.

Last night I left for our evening service 
in a really great mood.
I came home seriously bothered.

I had walked into the kitchen to toss something away and saw that the trash can was overflowing. Christmas decorations still sitting out on the counter awaiting a storage tote. Dirty utensils in the sink. Sticky spills all over the floor.

I walked into the gym.
Right there in the corner of the room was a pile of dirt, with cookie crumbs, potato chips and 3 plastic forks that had been swept in the corner and left.

Just an oversight? Who knows.
"Not my job" kind of answer? Who knows.

Something in me broke.
It became very hard to hold it in.

To see such neglect...to the most precious building in our little community.

Was this not God's House?
The beautiful building we worked and labored and dedicated to the Lord several years back in a special service?
Was this not The House of Worship?
Was this not The House of Prayer?

It hurt's me to see how we are slipping...
perhaps all too busy with our own responsibilities.
It hurt's me to see our neglect.

And the little thought occured to me...
What would Bro Bob do?
I can tell you exactly what he'd do!

He'd wheel out the mop bucket and broom.
He'd turn on a little music.
He'd shut himself in with the Lord.
And he would clean it.

Service ended.

I walked back out to the kitchen.
I stood there staring at the floor.
I bought the boys a drink from the machine and told them to "Give me just a few minutes."

And I started some hot soapy water...

because.........I have been taught by some of the best!

Blessing's often arrive
while you are still dressed in work clothes!

Church maintenance shouldn't be just one "body's" job
it should be "everybody's" job!

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