Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life outside of Christ is NOT fun!


I basically started my Christian journey when I was 21 years old.
(Although my mother made us go with her when we were kids.) Up to that point....I followed the crowd too.

I went to several under-age drinking parties.
I sat in the same room with people snorting drugs.
I witnessed several bloody fights.
I was encouraged to smoke at 14 by my friend who was doing it.
That same friend introduced me to pornography. She had big (small) dreams about chasing men.

I left my 2 year old son every chance I could just to go the bar and dance.

I started drinking on the job.
I entertained the thought of suicide more than once.
I drove home drunk, in the fog, for 8 miles on the wrong side of the road.

I cleaned up vomit covered floors and walls after almost every party.
I was exposed to more perversion than I EVER should have been by so called well-meaning friends.

I squandered thousands of dollars from my fathers inheritance.

I was cheated on, lied to, and abused.

You are talking to the WRONG PERSON to try and convince me that life OUTSIDE of Christ is fun!

There was ABSOLUTELY nothing good about THAT  life!  Divorce. Heartbreak.
Financial Struggles. Embarrassment.
Single parenting. Loneliness. Fear.

Now, some 29 years later, I look back in utter disgust because I bought into the lies that all that, was what everyone was doing and they were having fun doing it! I believed them! And I followed the lies!

So, go ahead. Put on your fake smile!
Laugh while trying to convince everyone you couldn't be better!

The pleasures of sin....are ONLY for a season!
You won't enjoy it for very long!

You are fooling yourself if you think you must leave the church, your spiritual heritage and God's protection to go out and "Find" yourself or go out and "Prove" yourself!
Or worse, to go out so you can come back and say you NOW have a "Testimony!" (Yes, I heard that one too!)

I have been painfully honest here with you today!
Why?  Because sometimes you feel like the people who stand up and teach to you behind that little black music stand (in my case) every Sunday morning have no clue what you are going through!

I am passionate about this message today!
I understand. It hasn't been that long that I forgot!
There are way too many young people selling out on the lie that they will be happier, out there!

And I vow to you this:
I am going to teach this with more passion that I ever have!

Better is one day in His courts, than thousands elsewhere Ps 84:10

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